About us

Eriko LLC founded in 2007 was engaged in importation and retail/wholesale trading of machine oils, spare parts, filters.


Since 2017 Eriko LLC was renamed to Art Motors LLC.


Art Motors LLC is  an official representative of German “Bizol”, ”E-Tec”, Japanese “Japan Oil” oils , French “Valeo” spare parts and German “Hengst” filters in Armenia.


In the diversity of motor oils in the market of Armenia   “Art Motors” LLC offers to its customers affordable and high quality motor oils right from the manufacturers.


A little information about our partners.


Bizol is well known in the international market with its motor oils and car care products. All engine oils and additives of the brand BIZOL are produced in Germany. Modern plants are awarded with international quality certificates and thus guarantee the highest quality of the lubricants and make the statement 'Made in Germany' the epitome of the highest quality. The Bizol trademark belongs to one of the latest German motor oil producers. Bizol also offers gear oils, ATF, additives, car care products, coolants/antifreezes and brake fluids.


Bizol oils are safe for vehicles and trucks. The manufacturer always innovating and improving its products, pushing their standards even higher. Exclusive product is Bizol Green. Due to its latest breakthrough technology this motor oil is designed to care for the engine under extreme weather conditions. Thanks to its unique formula this oil is regarded as one of the most environmentally safe motor oils on the market. The exceptional quality of this motor oil is underlined by its emerald green colour. This exceptional colour has been obtained due to a special mixture of alloying components. Bizol can offer you a wide range of products adapted to your particular need.


French company “Valeo”  is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. As a technology company, it designs innovative solutions for smart mobility, with a particular focus on intuitive driving and reducing CO₂ emissions. The Group also provides and distributes spare parts for automakers and independent aftermarket operators.


Hengst German greatest trademark since 1958 produces filters. As to whether it was fate or a simple coincidence that the very name of Hengst (German for Stallion) builds a bridge between horse power, engines, oil and fuel filters, has been philosophized about for over half a century now. More precisely since 1958, when Walter Hengst set up his Ing. Walter Hengst KG in Münster, Germany. Thus, he laid the foundations for the eventful and successful develolopment of a company which is now under the management of his grandson, Jens Röttgering and under its new name of Hengst SE & Co. KG.Founded during a time of many new beginnings and new developments, the company kept pace with the swiftly developing and fast-growing automotive industry and its continuously increasing requirements for filter products. This was the core business back then and it still is today.


Since the day of its establishment, the aim of Art Motors Company has always been offering high quality products to the consumers. Being faithful to its values, the company in order to be closer to the consumer, increases the points of sale, improves the supply system in the market of Armenia .Daily effective services of supply net are implemented by delivery department employees and cars of the company.


We value our each client and offer only high quality products.